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Derek Cherven

Cyber Security


Derek Cherven is a former Marine and police officer who specializes in Cyber Security in Boston, Massachusetts. He helps protect your information from cyber attacks through his expertise and knowledge of networks, firewalls, and hardware. His mission is to protect his clients’ online security as well as to teach others how to protect themselves and their online presences. Derek Cherven’s background and 21 years of experience have prepared him immensely for the important task of keeping others safe from harm whether it be on or offline.

Derek Cherven first became passionate about computers in high school where he joined the computer club. This lead to his first job where he learned to be an internet service provider. He started school at Dean College, but decided to pursue a career in law enforcement after being accepted at a young age to the state police academy. He later finished his degree at Cape Cod Community College. From an early age Derek has always been drawn to helping others and decided to follow this passion by joining the Marine Corps Reserves. One year later his previous employer asked him to resume work in a management position because of the experience he had gained in the military and his prior work ethic and efficiency. From there he was promoted to Operations Manager and also worked on network administration.

The Massachusetts State Police advertized an opening in their computer crimes unit and Derek applied immediately. With his background in working with computers he was able to take training at the police force to a new level of competency and efficiency. Derek Cherven was also a member of the ICAC, which is a federal task force fighting internet crimes against children. Shortly after these successes, Derek was injured severely during a home robbery and was unable to continue his job as a policeman with his injured knee; he decided to retire from the force.

Derek Cherven was not a man who would accepts that he could no longer help people. After feeling like a ship lost at sea he discovered that he already possessed the skills and expertise to help others in the much the same capacity as he did on the police force and thus his cyber security business was formed. He has built his company from the ground up and has had many major successes such as working with fortune 500 companies to improve their cyber security.

Cyber security firms have a tendency to charge clients and keep on finding ways to get clients to keep spending money. Derek Cherven strives to run a fair business, especially concerning costs. With his decades of experience he knows exactly what goes in to the work and can see potential obstacles before they occur therefore he can confidently charge a competitive and fair price for his outstanding work. Derek Cherven likes to say that there are three options “good, cheap, and fast,” and you can be two but not three. Derek does the work well the first time and takes the time to make sure you are getting the most of the affordable services he offers so, in a way, he does accomplish all three where others fail to do so.

Over the years Derek has noticed there are not many people who have a strong understanding of cyber security and how it can benefit everyone. He also predicts that cyber attacks may become more frequent and more intense due to the growth of technology. Derek Cherven plans to mend that issue by teaching clients and bringing awareness to relevant issues so people can learn to protect themselves from those preying on the innocent.

Currently Derek Cherven is finishing a Pre-Law Bachelor’s degree at UMass at Amherst. He plans to eventually pursue a law school where he can apply digital forensics, and law enforcement to further help others. When Derek isn’t saving the world from cyber attacks and protecting your cyber safety he is spending time with his family and especially looks forward to Friday movie nights with his family.

Past Positions

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

2004 – 2015
For more than 10 years, Derek Cherven served on the U.S. Department of Justice ICAC Task Force, built to help local, state, and federal law enforcement systems be better able to respond to threats from offenders using the internet or computer technology to sexually exploit children. ICAC is a network of 61 task forces working in coordination with more than 3,000 law enforcement agencies.

State Trooper - Digital Forensic Analyst

2004 – 2015
Derek Cherven worked for more than a decade with the Massachusetts State Police as a Digital Forensic Analyst where he investigated crimes including narcotics, murder, conspiracy, human trafficking, white-collar crimes, and crimes against children among others. He has testified on a number of high-profile murder cases and has been recognized by the Massachusetts Superior Court to be an expert witness

Digital Forensic and Incident Response Lead

2010 – 2013
For nearly 3 years, Derek Cherven worked with the FDIC in the Washington D.C. area where he lead a team of highly-trained digital forensic analysts into FDIC institutions to conduct digital forensics examinations and provide detailed reports.


David J. Coker Jr. | Trooper at Massachusetts State Police

Robert’s skill as a Digital Forensic Analyst are second to none. Robert’s knowledge of computer science continues to grow. Robert also continues to increase his experience in the field. Robert has also demonstrated extrodinary investigative skills while we were assigned together to the Bristol County State Police Detective Unit as a Trooper/Forensic Analyst. Robert probably has forgotten more about computer forensics than many that are in the field now even know.

David Creme | FoodTec Solutions Support

I have had the pleasure of working with Derek in the past, he is a hard worker and go getter. He is always there to help a colleague with a problem, and to lend a guiding hand. He was a great manager who helped grow the company during his time here. I would recommend him for anything, he has the drive to succeed in life.


University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Bachelor of Pre-Law

Derek Cherven recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with his Pre-Law degree. He plans to pursue a Law degree with the goals of combining his knowledge of law and law enforcement with digital forensics to further help others.

Cape Cod Community College
Associates Degree in Political Science & Government

Derek Cherven recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with his Pre-Law degree. He plans to pursue a Law degree with the goals of combining his knowledge of law and law enforcement with digital forensics to further help others.

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